Our models cover all areas

  • Hand-shaped uneven planks

    Easy to remember. If by gravity or the simple adhesion to the floor: it is important that we stay on the ground, or in better words: on hand-shaped planks. Each piece is a unique microcosm of an uneven surface with a pleasant haptic sensation, a smooth barefoot-feeling and an indestructible resistance!

  • Antique planks

    The Châteaux is beauty and timeless, antique and new at the same time. It carries the signs of the past inside. Many knots, rifts and imperfections tell its story. It lives and respires. The best condition is a healthy room climate with sufficient humidity of 50-60% - the perfect ambience for human and floor.

  • Individually manufactured planks

    ncomparable. The Châteaux Royal is not only a floor that characterises a room as no other; it is also a design piece that decisively improves the feeling of space. It offers more characteristics than appearing at first sight. A singular 3-layer structure provides it with an exceptional high stability.

Parquet range

  • Gutshof-Langdiele, Vermont, Alaska/Arizona
  • Messina/Padua/Verona, Phönix, Cadiz
  • Cordoba/Nevada, Delft/Utrecht/Harlem
  • Lake Erie/Tahoe/St. Claire/Huron
  • Chateaux N° 1 - 4
  • Chateaux Royal, Tafelparkett Versailles
  • Bordeaux, Richmond, Chateaux Classic
  • Silbermine

Our newest project

Not too long ago the Korsch company did an interesting and extravagant project
in La Mairena.

The client loves extravagant and spectacular surroundings. The Korsch company did the entire redesigning from bedroom via bathroom to the kitchen including parquet flooring , doors and a sauna with utmost success. The client is thrilled.

... curious?

Further activities

  • Laminate

    Laminate flooring is an alternative to traditional hardwood. Easy to clean and inexpensive. If this material is an alternative for your floor, just contact us.

  • Restoration & finishing of parquet

    Your parquet floor is getting old and should be enjoyable again. We take care.